Ich bekam eine Mail von Piet, dem Macher der Topgas Euroserie Homepage und Kenner der Europäischen Dragbike Szene. Here weg go, ich hab es aus Zeitgründen nicht übersetzt, aber ich denke das geht auch ohne Top Englisch Kenntnisse…

‘’Hi Markus, I was at Drachten last weekend.Here's what happenend.New personal best for Christian Bruhn at Drachten.

Christian Bruhn and his teammate Peter Niklas ended their 2014 season doing demo runs during a streetlegal event in Drachten, organised by ESLA on 27 and 28 september.
After a succesfull Euroserie Supertwin Top Gas, where Bruhn made the second place in the championship on his turbocharged 1000cc Honda SP1, Christian ended the season with a new personal best of 8.44 seconds on saturday at Drachten.

DSC 2226BRUHN 520

Peter Niklas made the fourth place in the Top Gas  Euroserie this year, gathered most points using Bruhn's Ducati 999 in the beginning of the season, but got his own Ducati dragbike race ready half way in the season, and was still looking for a good base line. Peter suffered wheelspin on saturday, but he managed to put a 9.8 and then 9.56 on the clock on sunday. So he's  moving in the right direction now

DSC 2455n1 520DSC 2456niklas 520DSC 2457n3 520DSC 2458n4 520DSC 2459n 520

Bruhn will rebuild a bigger engine for the Honda next winter, and Niklas has a suprise up his sleave for next season, so watch out for team "Dragstrip Sideburns" in 2015. I'm very impressed with the motivation and the effort Bruhn put in his bike and in his sport.I'ts great to see he gets his own creation running reliable now.Rumour goes that Niklas will get a... ‘’ Ohje, Verbindung abgebrochen, schade, da müssen wir wohl über Winter warten was da neues kommt. Da ist die Verbindung wieder…

‘’Also present at the ESLA event was Marc van den Boer from Belgium with his blown Harley that runs on methanol. Marc made four passes, shredded two prime belts, and set a best time of 8.16, that's 0.02 seconds away from a personal best.

DSC 2254boer 520

Funnybiker Kars van de Belt set the quickest time of all cars and bikes: 7.97 seconds.


DSC 2582vdbelt 520


Remco (Scheelings) made a report for autosport. His impression here.

There was still rubber at the track, but it did not develope into the superstrip as we know it.

Not much big cars with broad slicks.On sunday alex voorend lost grip half way, and turned his Mustang upside down.

DSC 2495voorend 520

A few hundred spectators, mostly friends and familywhere at side.Familiair faces from the explosion-days, the starter and the pairing marshal and a timing crew man.The race was not sanctioned by the KNMV,the worst thing was that there was no ambulance present.

Good thing that nothing happened to Alex Voorend...

A few weeks ago the news came that the city of Drachten ( smallingerland) no longer want’s to pay the costs for the airfield and is looking for a private company to take it over.ESLA/Quartermile has sent in a business plan and in the newspaper was an article that DHRA wants to try everything to keep racing in 2015 and beyond at Drachten.In oktober DHRA has it's annual meeting, we'll hear then what dates from Gary are suitable for Pro races.So if he turns his june date into a pro-event with track prep, he's got a good chance we'll come (STTG Euroserie).


So, das sind doch mal gute News für das äußerst sympathische Dragstrip Sideburns. Danke Piet,

Markus Münch