Hallo, eben eine Mail von Piet, dem Mann hinter der Top Gas Euroserie bekommen...

 "Hi Markus,

Just got home from Hoskovice, and am working on my report.
Here's a news flash for you:
The conditions were cold, and it even froze on saturday night, but a complete race was held in a relaxed atmosphere.
In Competition Bike class, Stefan Hagenstein was top qualifier on saturday (but Luc Raeymakers did better
on sunday morning, so Luc was the Top Qualifier (8.309sec).Luc did an 8.4 in the quarter finals but redlighted
for the first time in his career) and won the  8-field race.
In Supertwin Topgas, Herman Jolink from Holland was the top qualifier, with Frank Heitmann (Germany) close behind.
Herman won the race, by beating champion Fred Schack (Denmark) in the finals.
Peter Niklas from Hamburg made third place, his best result in the topgas class ever, while riding Christian Bruhn's Ducati 999.
All of the above racers will also be present in Bechyne!
In supertwin topgas class, eight riders attended the race, (with Miia-Maria Vepasalainen from Finland being on them) and they will be joined by Mats Larsson (Sweden) and Milan Kolacny (Cz) at the "MSTO Grand Natiionals" in a few weeks."
Dann bis Bald.
Markus Münch